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Do you belong to the West Life or East Life Group?
Now that you know your personal Feng Shui Element, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water, You know whether you’re an East Life or West Life Group person. The 3/5 Yin Yang Rule , shows that a healthy balance is often 3/5 Yang and 2/5 Yin. This applies to our homes, our habits (sleeping 8 out of 24 hours), and the five lements. Of the five elements 3 are Yang; Wood, Fire and Water, while 2 are Yin; Earth and Metal. If you are a Yang element- Wood, Fire or Water, you are in the East Life group. If you are a Yin element; an Earth or Metal, you are in the West Life group.

If you have not yet figured out your personal element, go back to the menu and complete the worksheet.

An East life person ideally, looks for a house that sits in the East and faces West. A west life person looks for a house that sits in the West and faces East. If a couple has conflicting life groups, the one most responsible for the financial prosperity is taken into account first.

The optimum directions for any East life person are; East, North, South and North East.

The optimum directions for any West life person are; West, North West, South West & South East 

Use your best directions by sitting or facing these directions. When sleeping, the crown of your head receives the energy of that direction. Each element – remember to calculate yours- has specific directions within your best 4 that work well for different goals, such as clear thinking, relationship harmony, health, and overall prosperity. See the element worksheet on the main menu for more information. 

Ba Zhai Feng Shui uses the Bagua map and your personal Ming Gua to indicate your personal directions within the home as well as individual rooms. Your personal Ming Gua number is derived from your birth date and gender.  Each Ming Gua has certain directions that are auspicious or inauspicious. 

The Min Gua number falls into one of two groups:  East or West.  Auspicious directions are determined by whether you are an East Life person or a West Life person. 

East Group People:  Kua Numbers 1, 3, 4, & 9

Your auspicious directions are north, south, east, and southeast 

West Group People:  Kua Numbers 5, 2, 6, 7, & 8

Your auspicious directions are west, southwest, northwest, and northeast

You can use this information when deciding where and how to arrange your furniture. Particularly your desk, bed and other important areas where you’ spend a lot of time.

A Feng Shui Consultant can help you calculate your Ming Gua accurately and give you guidance based on the Ba Zhai and your personal information and goals. Call for a report if you’re house hunting and would like to have this information to help you choose the best home. Also see list of services.







Feng shui is concerned with creating sacred space, and a harmonious environment where energy (‘qi’ in Chinese) can flow so we can live our full potential in comfort and beauty.

Feng shui can be applied in very practical ways. For instance you can rearrange your furniture, or hang something beautiful in an otherwise dark or dingy corner, or note the orientation of a house before you make a purchase. Many times the solution is a practical, tangible change.

To many people it’s pretty clear that if you move a piece of furniture out of a commonly used pathway there is more energetic flow through the space. Using this simplified example can help you understand how you could apply the same principles to more complex situations. We do not always appreciate how sensitive we are to our environment, but realize how uncomfortable you feel when you walk into a dreary neglected waiting room, or how the sound of a creaky hinge can make you tense, or the color or lighting in a room may cause you to feel either depressed or cheerful. There are many opportunities to make the most of your surroundings.

A carefully arranged environment may affect how you live in very positive ways.  When positive energy flows well in our home or office, the effect becomes apparent in our daily lives. It may show up as better health and or increased energy, more satisfying relationships, newly inspired creativity, a feeling of well-being and security or better financial situations.

Practicing Feng Shui is a way to nurture yourself and your family responsibly. It is also a spiritual practice of awareness, reverence to nature and expression of creativity. Many people have purchased a book and begun to practice techniques in their own home. Learning to work with the tools of Feng Shui accurately can be frustrating, confusing or difficult, just like learning anything new. However, remember that your intuition is your greatest tool. Learn to trust your inner guidance. That is the true tool which underlies all healing modalities (a process of restoring balance), including Feng Shui. If you find yourself needing guidance or want support from a group, please join us for a feng shui workshop. You may find a complete schedule here >

In classical Feng Shui, the science and art of Form School, Ba Gua, Ba Zhai, Flying Star and Four Pillars can be applied in different situations. Please look over the site to gain your own understanding of these different methods and how they compliment each other when applied. You may also look over the services page to read about how you can work with a feng shui practicioner to create change in your environment and your life > services