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The Feng Shui Bedroom

If you’ve begun to apply Feng Shui in your home, or if you’d like to try, the bedroom is a wonderful place to start. We’re all aware of how much time we spend asleep, in our private sanctuaries, and this fact alone can inspire you to put some intention into your bedroom environment. But there are other reasons why your bedroom is a priority. Read on for further Feng Shui Inspiration…

If you have clutter in your bedroom, and don’t have time to deal with it right away, prioritize removing it from your bedroom to a different area where it can be dealt with as soon as possible. Clutter symbolizes the aspects in our life that we have not dealt with yet. You don’t want to sleep over a pile of unfinished business every night, do you? Clutter under your bed is depleting your energy. As much as possible create space and serenity in your sleeping environment. For many this is the hardest step, but the most important. Once you’ve done this for yourself, you’re ready to arrange your furnishings.

Arranging Your Furnishings

master-bedroom_3Everyone wants to feel snuggly and safe when they crawl into bed. In Feng Shui, arranging the furniture in a space is one of the first steps to creating a supportive environment. This is an intuitive process but it helps to follow some guidelines. For a feeling of security you want to choose the best wall for your headboard. A sturdy wooden headboard is great. Position the bed against the wall that acts as the strongest support. To do this practically, choose the wall that feels most secure to you. Avoid facing the door, or putting your bed where your feet or head point towards the door opening. As much as possible, avoid other doors like that of the bathroom or a large or low window. If your bed ends up  in line with the bathroom door, just close the door at night. This creates less distraction and more peace around you as you sleep. You want to position and anchor the bed centrally as this creates balance in your room and harmony in your relationships. Place a sturdy, and useful night stand by the bed on either side to support this balance. A dresser on the opposite wall centered with the foot of the bed keeps the room balanced as well and can help you to feel more secure while sleeping. Heavy furniture helps you feel supported and grounded while you sleep. Choose furniture that appeals to you in color, texture and weight as style is a personal choice. Often your intuition can go a long way.

Empty Space

Once you have the bed, nightstands and dresser in place, use other furniture at your discretion, but remember not to fill up every space in the room. Some empty space is essential so you have room to breathe and unwind. Don’t give in to the temptation to fill every corner with a piece of furniture. In Feng Shui, empty space is considered potential. It’s a healthy thing!


One mirror is usually fine in the bedroom, though avoiding too many mirrors- especially directly facing you while you sleep can help you get a better night’s rest. Mirrors can be overly stimulating while we sleep and can disrupt the quality of our dreams by causing the room to feel loud and disrupting our restful thought patterns. As you dream, your purpose is to rid yourself of any excess from your waking life, and to dispel anything negative. A mirror can negate this by bouncing back this dispelled energy. If you suspect this is the case, or if you feel your night’s rest is more disturbing than restful, it is probably worth your while to check out how many mirrors are in the room and if you could do away with any of them. Repositioning the mirror to a less conspicuous space is often helpful as well.


It helps to choose the colors you plan to live with in your home with awareness of how different colors affect your emotional and physical states. Every color has a unique vibration of its own, and this can significantly affect how you feel in a room. We all have a favorite color, but be sure the color you choose for your bedroom is soothing and relaxing. Save some of your favorite colors for decor outside the bedroom if the color doesn’t suit for a relaxing atmosphere. For instance if you love to decorate with red, and while it can be romantic, it is a very stimulating and energizing color, so use it in the dining room instead. Some great colors for the bedroom are light green, light blue, and neutrals. Green rooms are very restful and combine relaxation with an energizing quality. Green is the color of outdoors; calm and active at the same time. Green brings balance and harmony, healing, and rejuvenation to a room, and can be used as a calming place for people who are under stress or in need of refreshment. Blue is often chosen for bedrooms because blue’s cool energy is very calming, restful, peaceful, and spiritual. Blue promotes peaceful sleep. Neutral Colors are relaxing as well and will allow you to accent your room using your preferred color. For example a room that is painted a soft tan color, may have a blue bedspread. Use the color in the furnishings as the accent colors.


romantic-bedroom-lynch_w609Now that you have your furniture in place, you may notice that you feel a bit lost on how to choose your décor. If you feel uninspired when it comes time to decorate one great idea is to use a theme from nature to inspire your bedroom decor. This allows for a variety of styles and themes, and can often automatically lend ideas for a very pleasing color palette. Often this can be enough to inspire a roomful of unique decor. You may love the memories of your rainforest honeymoon. Take your cue subtly and invite a palette of natural greens and taupe into your space. Textures can include straw, bamboo and silk. Prints can utilize leaves, animal prints, or woven textures. The theme of your bedroom is up to you- just remember to keep it subtle so that it feels relaxing. This way you can also make small changes easily, such as changing the throw pillows.

Creating Harmony and Inviting Love with Beautiful Objects and Paired Items

pair-of-candles1Using Pairs is about Inviting Partnership and Creating Harmony. Look around your home for meaningful and beautiful objects that you can showcase in your bedroom. This can be a great room to showcase items that have a deep personal meaning or symbol attached to it. Consider a pair of candlesticks received as a wedding gift or a honeymoon souvenir. Pairs are wonderful in the bedroom. This is true whether you already have a partner or if you want to invite someone into your life. Symmetry is harmonious when two share a room, and illustrating this with paired objects supports your intention to keep the relationship balanced. Feng Shui is about creating a harmonious environment between yourself and your surroundings, as well as others. A healthy sense of equality and sharing goes a long way. If you are single and desire a partner, having pairs of objects, and symmetry in your bedroom creates an intention and invitation for someone new in your life. It is very much like having a welcome sign at your door.

A Healthy Sleeping Environment

Your body closes down it’s defenses at night. A bed cover is a common way to shield and protect the body from possible nighttime offenders and many of us do this instinctively. All aspects of our lives are compromised if we cannot achieve a restful night’s sleep, so avoid the following in your bedroom: Bright lights- particularly fluorescents and halogens as they affect you physiologically, TV’s, computers, desks and workstations. Remove also piles of laundry, and other unfinished projects. Your bedroom is for rest, so avoid anything that reminds you of your daytime to-do-list. Give yourself a break and tune out everything from the day.

EMF’s are electro-magnetic fields from the electronic appliances we use daily. Some of these appliances emit more EMF’s than others. You may want to avoid cell phones and alarm clocks in your bedroom especially within close proximity, and particularly at night while you sleep. There are products and devices you can purchase to help negate the effect of EMF’s. You can research these online.

 Most of all, your bedroom should feel like an exceptional place in your home. Take the time to get it just right and enjoy the process. Many times Feng Shui involves moving things around, trying it out, noticing how changes affect you and making adjustments. Taking the time to get it just right will brings rewards, and there’s no better way to learn the art of feng shui.



Clear Your Clutter, Create Potential with Feng Shui

The first step in learning to have more with less is to allow yourself to go with the flow, or let go of resistance. In other words, don’t accumulate boulders! Life is often like a river with many boulders, but if we relate ourselves to the water, rushing through and between the obstructing rocks, we see that there is a perfect path carved out for us. Struggling against these boulders can waste our precious energy. As we learn to go with the flow however, we see that though the rocks seem like something to be struggled against, it is not actually necessary to take part in this struggle. Most of us have had this realization while learning to swim. Once we relaxed, we were able to float, without expending very much energy. The less energy we expended, the calmer and more still we remained, and were able to float more easily.

Collecting Clutter is like creating boulders in our lives. We all do this sub-consciously and instinctively on some level. Sometimes we have a need to create obstacles when we feel we are not ready for the next step in life. This is normal, but we want to avoid becoming too comfortable, or stagnant. What do you do then, when you recognize this pattern in a particular area of your life, or your home and you decide that it’s not working for you anymore? You may start to feel that it’s time to move on and allow the next stage into your life. Eliminating the clutter, or physical boulders in and around your environment is the first step to initiating change and creating potential. There are enlightening scientific thoughts on how we can create potential by getting rid of clutter, freeing up space, and achieving more with less, literally, by getting rid of clutter. These will be examined, but first, let’s take a look at our immediate environment.

In Feng Shui we talk about how to arrange our environment for optimal flow, least resistance and allow a healthy flow of our life energy so we can achieve optimum performance. It’s important to take note of how well you are operating in your environment currently, and make changes as necessary. Being in the flow and being aided by our environment creates an ideal situation in which we are able to accomplish more and expend less energy.

We respond to our environment and our environment responds to us. Have you ever noticed that when you get your life moving in a new direction, have a breakthrough, complete something you’ve been working on, or someone near you makes a change in their life that directly effects you? You will often find yourself clearing out clutter, re-arranging your space and moving things around as if you have suddenly discovered a reserve of energy and inspiration.

What is Clutter made of?

The word ‘clutter’ comes from the English word clotter-meaning to coagulate. When you ignore that pile of paperwork on your desk, that pile of “stuff” is stagnant energy. The clutter is an outward sign of what is happening in your life- you have avoided dealing with an issue and your attention has been elsewhere, your energy has been expended on other pursuits. It’s like a snowball effect, as clutter attracts more of the same. In Feng Shui, the opposite process is also true. An outward effort to right something in your physical environment will affect your internal world- how you feel, react, and experience…

What does clutter do?

Some of the effects of clutter include lack of focus and clarity, feelings of being professionally, creatively, spiritually, or romantically stuck, insufficient time and attention for yourself and your family, increased stress, irritability and depression.

Peter Walsh wrote the book Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? He says “It’s no accident that at the same time we are struggling with the “epidemic of obesity,” we are also living in homes weighted down with clutter and filled with “stuff.”

Clutter really is like a blood clot. When we think about our environment, we need to think of it as an extension of our bodies. When our bodies have a blockage, this creates disease which can interfere with other important areas in our life such as the energy to do what we need to.

Clutter creates a physical block in our environment as well as a block that stands in the way of resolving life issues or making progress. Unfinished business, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual clutters your heart and mind.

The unfinished or abandoned projects and objects in your environment are a representation of the things you have not finished in your personal life. Seeing them around you or even just knowing they are there is a constant drain on your energy. Larger issues will affect you on a larger scale. For instance, putting off replacing your roof is going to have a stronger affect on your life than a messy junk drawer. So with clutter clearing prioritizing is really the first step. However, don’t forget that even the small things such as a leaky faucet, or a pile of paperwork can be a nagging source of stress. If serious time restraints or a tight budget constrict what you are able to do, then starting out small can still offer a significant improvement.

How can you Deal with Clutter?

Clutter Clearing gets you out of your rut. It shakes up the frozen parts of yourself and allows them to come out into the light where their symbolism can be examined and where you can listen to and act upon them.

If you can’t seem to decide on priorities for your business, you’ll realize it’s time to clear off the desk and catch up on paperwork. And if you’re not eating as well as you should, you’ll remember that clearing off the kitchen counter and cleaning out the fridge will help get your eating habits back on track.

Physical Objects taking up your precious “Space”

In and around your home or office, items that are used or admired on a regular basis are infused by your energy. They have vibrant, positive energy. Objects that are useless, neglected broken or un-needed and un-organized, are dead. The more intentional, clear and inspired your life is, the more you tend to surround yourself with objects that support your goals and provide inspiration. These objects are useful and beautiful. When we’re stuck, uninspired and neglectful of our goals and priorities, we tend to accumulate objects that keep this cycle going.

Too Many Things in Too Small of a Space

If you lack the space you need to fit your belongings and do your activities, your creativity and feeling of freedom at home can suffer. Unless your family is growing you probably don’t need more space. Instead, try to re-proportion the amount of items which occupy each room in your home. Keeping too much around will make you feel restricted in your environment and your breathing may often become tighter and shallower. Give yourself space in your own home.

Time Clutter

Do You Feel Rushed, Distracted, Behind, or Overwhelmed?

We won’t always feel attachment to every physical object in your environment. Some items, like a messy junk drawer, a wedding gift we never liked or useless items come about from circumstance. Usually you’re too busy or distracted to even notice them…

Random clutter drains you however, as each item attaches onto you with an invisible string representing a past goal such as being a fixit person, penny pincher, dutiful employee or super-mom.

Shed the physical clutter to wipe the slate clean and release a precious store of your own energy to be used on more realistic goals and endeavors. Your perception will immediately be that you do have the time to do what you wanted to do. It’s not really that your schedule has changed but more your perception of how “busy” you are changes. This can help when your goal is to re-organize your schedule, find more time to do things you love or stop multi-tasking.

Why do we Allow Clutter to Collect? Some reasons we hold onto clutter are the following

Physical clutter can represent unfulfilled needs or goals. Do you currently have personal needs that aren’t being fulfilled? Sometimes, we have physical symbols of those needs within our home. When you begin to work with particular clutter habits it can bring to light beliefs and clues to who we are and why we hold on to certain types of clutter in certain areas within our environment.

Physical Clutter is sometimes used to validate who we are

When we aim to go through a life transformation, most of the time it can be emotionally, mentally and sometimes financially daunting. Resisting making the physical changes that need to be made in order to change your life can be an extra hurdle between you and your goals. Often times this is the case and we don’t realize it. It’s very difficult for most of us because we are living under such a mountain of stuff that we can’t imagine our lives being any different. We become accustomed to stuff, like a cocoon.

Physical Clutter Can Fill a Void

A general blanket of clutter can sometimes feel like a type of comfort. You may not be identifying with particular items as much as the idea of how much you have. Some people describe a feeling of loneliness after cleaning and getting rid of things. This can be common, since clutter occupies our thoughts and energy to such a degree, that it acts as a distraction that can keep you from taking the next step in life, such as going through with a change you fear.

As a child raised in an environment of physicians Nancy has found ways to meld her own path, using design with her family’s influence of healing. In order to do this, she has incorporated the practice of Feng Shui- intuitive consious design which relies on the principles of nature- into her design methods. Since 2002 Wind Water Design has evolved a philosophy on the importance of conscious
design in regards to how our spaces effect us. 

A Fusion of Intuitive Design and Function
Wind Water provides Feng Shui consultation and design techniques for residential as well as commercial spaces.

Feng Shui can be an amazing practice that allows one to examine their inner reality through their outer world. In working with her clients, Nancy explains that we create our own world, inside and out and that the landscape of our environment has a direct affect on our moods, health, direction, goal fulfillment, and general ability to enjoy life.
These include:
furniture arrangement for optimum flow and efficiency
color schemes to support the primary function of a space
organizational plans for work and hobby environments
custom wall treatments and finishes, graphic wall art &  murals
graphic identity for print, web and marketing

Feng Shui Applied to Graphic Design
Feng Shui is an art and science which can be applied to all aspects of life. In graphic design examples can be found as elemental symbols applied to graphic layouts, symbolic colors, or colors used to enhance a desired response to an ad logo, or business card, and two dimensional design techniques that draw a viewer in and uplift the mood to create a good association with a service or product. Balance creates a feeling of trust, repetition creates a feeling of reliabilty, contrast promotes interest, and depth inspires. 

Feng Shui Applied to your Environment

Harmonizing and balancing techniques applied to interior spaces in the form of color, texture, imagery and form to nurture not just the objectives of commercial applications, but the needs of the individual in a private space can truly change your every day life. Everyday life is a fractal of the bigger picture, your life as a whole. If the parts are healthy, balanced and whole, the sum will become so as well. Feng Shui is for everyday.
Nancy hopes to awaken the awareness of higher standards in others, as they become inspired to take a look at their surroundings and ask whether they are nurtured and supported and make the changes that will do so.


Nancy Nashed received her BFA in Fine Arts from The Savannah College of Art and Design, and her Professional Classical Feng Shui Certification from The San Francisco School of Feng Shui, considered the most dynamic and comprehensive practitioner training available. She has had the opportunity to study with Roger Green, Alex Stark, Janine Bjornson, David Crowe, & Carol Vinolia among others

Nancy attended Stetson University, in Deland Florida as an Art Major. Though she had a strong connection with her teachers there, she transferred to The Savannah College of Art and Design where she was able to study computer art techniques. Her study of two-dimensional design evolved into a career of art sales and freelance design- working directly with artists, gallery owners, and graphic arts clients. For Nancy the most rewarding experiences in working with clients is the defining moment when a client feels empowered by the creation of a design that embodies their true goals. Be sure to visit the gallery for examples and inspiration.

Wind Water specializes in
Professional Print and Web Graphics
Custom Interior & Exterior Wall Treatments for Homes & Commercial Spaces
Feng Shui Consultation for Residential and Commercial Spaces
Educational Classes and Workshops on Feng Shui 





Feng shui is concerned with creating sacred space, and a harmonious environment where energy (‘qi’ in Chinese) can flow so we can live our full potential in comfort and beauty.

Feng shui can be applied in very practical ways. For instance you can rearrange your furniture, or hang something beautiful in an otherwise dark or dingy corner, or note the orientation of a house before you make a purchase. Many times the solution is a practical, tangible change.

To many people it’s pretty clear that if you move a piece of furniture out of a commonly used pathway there is more energetic flow through the space. Using this simplified example can help you understand how you could apply the same principles to more complex situations. We do not always appreciate how sensitive we are to our environment, but realize how uncomfortable you feel when you walk into a dreary neglected waiting room, or how the sound of a creaky hinge can make you tense, or the color or lighting in a room may cause you to feel either depressed or cheerful. There are many opportunities to make the most of your surroundings.

A carefully arranged environment may affect how you live in very positive ways.  When positive energy flows well in our home or office, the effect becomes apparent in our daily lives. It may show up as better health and or increased energy, more satisfying relationships, newly inspired creativity, a feeling of well-being and security or better financial situations.

Practicing Feng Shui is a way to nurture yourself and your family responsibly. It is also a spiritual practice of awareness, reverence to nature and expression of creativity. Many people have purchased a book and begun to practice techniques in their own home. Learning to work with the tools of Feng Shui accurately can be frustrating, confusing or difficult, just like learning anything new. However, remember that your intuition is your greatest tool. Learn to trust your inner guidance. That is the true tool which underlies all healing modalities (a process of restoring balance), including Feng Shui. If you find yourself needing guidance or want support from a group, please join us for a feng shui workshop. You may find a complete schedule here >

In classical Feng Shui, the science and art of Form School, Ba Gua, Ba Zhai, Flying Star and Four Pillars can be applied in different situations. Please look over the site to gain your own understanding of these different methods and how they compliment each other when applied. You may also look over the services page to read about how you can work with a feng shui practicioner to create change in your environment and your life > services