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Feng Shui Cheat Sheet Slicks

This full-color illustrated feng shui slick is the perfect way to keep tips, tricks and feng shui guidelines at your fingertips! 

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Professionally designed, these accurate charts and references guide you when making color choices, finding your Personal Elements and Directions, Mapping the 8 Life Sectors in your home or office. Charts are included for Animal Horoscopes, Form School, Yin and Yang Design, and Balancing with the five elements. Also included is a front door color guide! 

8.5×11 full color
double-sided &  laminated for durability

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The Feng Shui Bedroom

If you’ve begun to apply Feng Shui in your home, or if you’d like to try, the bedroom is a wonderful place to start. We’re all aware of how much time we spend asleep, in our private sanctuaries, and this fact alone can inspire you to put some intention into your bedroom environment. But there are other reasons why your bedroom is a priority. Read on for further Feng Shui Inspiration…

If you have clutter in your bedroom, and don’t have time to deal with it right away, prioritize removing it from your bedroom to a different area where it can be dealt with as soon as possible. Clutter symbolizes the aspects in our life that we have not dealt with yet. You don’t want to sleep over a pile of unfinished business every night, do you? Clutter under your bed is depleting your energy. As much as possible create space and serenity in your sleeping environment. For many this is the hardest step, but the most important. Once you’ve done this for yourself, you’re ready to arrange your furnishings.

Arranging Your Furnishings

master-bedroom_3Everyone wants to feel snuggly and safe when they crawl into bed. In Feng Shui, arranging the furniture in a space is one of the first steps to creating a supportive environment. This is an intuitive process but it helps to follow some guidelines. For a feeling of security you want to choose the best wall for your headboard. A sturdy wooden headboard is great. Position the bed against the wall that acts as the strongest support. To do this practically, choose the wall that feels most secure to you. Avoid facing the door, or putting your bed where your feet or head point towards the door opening. As much as possible, avoid other doors like that of the bathroom or a large or low window. If your bed ends up  in line with the bathroom door, just close the door at night. This creates less distraction and more peace around you as you sleep. You want to position and anchor the bed centrally as this creates balance in your room and harmony in your relationships. Place a sturdy, and useful night stand by the bed on either side to support this balance. A dresser on the opposite wall centered with the foot of the bed keeps the room balanced as well and can help you to feel more secure while sleeping. Heavy furniture helps you feel supported and grounded while you sleep. Choose furniture that appeals to you in color, texture and weight as style is a personal choice. Often your intuition can go a long way.

Empty Space

Once you have the bed, nightstands and dresser in place, use other furniture at your discretion, but remember not to fill up every space in the room. Some empty space is essential so you have room to breathe and unwind. Don’t give in to the temptation to fill every corner with a piece of furniture. In Feng Shui, empty space is considered potential. It’s a healthy thing!


One mirror is usually fine in the bedroom, though avoiding too many mirrors- especially directly facing you while you sleep can help you get a better night’s rest. Mirrors can be overly stimulating while we sleep and can disrupt the quality of our dreams by causing the room to feel loud and disrupting our restful thought patterns. As you dream, your purpose is to rid yourself of any excess from your waking life, and to dispel anything negative. A mirror can negate this by bouncing back this dispelled energy. If you suspect this is the case, or if you feel your night’s rest is more disturbing than restful, it is probably worth your while to check out how many mirrors are in the room and if you could do away with any of them. Repositioning the mirror to a less conspicuous space is often helpful as well.


It helps to choose the colors you plan to live with in your home with awareness of how different colors affect your emotional and physical states. Every color has a unique vibration of its own, and this can significantly affect how you feel in a room. We all have a favorite color, but be sure the color you choose for your bedroom is soothing and relaxing. Save some of your favorite colors for decor outside the bedroom if the color doesn’t suit for a relaxing atmosphere. For instance if you love to decorate with red, and while it can be romantic, it is a very stimulating and energizing color, so use it in the dining room instead. Some great colors for the bedroom are light green, light blue, and neutrals. Green rooms are very restful and combine relaxation with an energizing quality. Green is the color of outdoors; calm and active at the same time. Green brings balance and harmony, healing, and rejuvenation to a room, and can be used as a calming place for people who are under stress or in need of refreshment. Blue is often chosen for bedrooms because blue’s cool energy is very calming, restful, peaceful, and spiritual. Blue promotes peaceful sleep. Neutral Colors are relaxing as well and will allow you to accent your room using your preferred color. For example a room that is painted a soft tan color, may have a blue bedspread. Use the color in the furnishings as the accent colors.


romantic-bedroom-lynch_w609Now that you have your furniture in place, you may notice that you feel a bit lost on how to choose your décor. If you feel uninspired when it comes time to decorate one great idea is to use a theme from nature to inspire your bedroom decor. This allows for a variety of styles and themes, and can often automatically lend ideas for a very pleasing color palette. Often this can be enough to inspire a roomful of unique decor. You may love the memories of your rainforest honeymoon. Take your cue subtly and invite a palette of natural greens and taupe into your space. Textures can include straw, bamboo and silk. Prints can utilize leaves, animal prints, or woven textures. The theme of your bedroom is up to you- just remember to keep it subtle so that it feels relaxing. This way you can also make small changes easily, such as changing the throw pillows.

Creating Harmony and Inviting Love with Beautiful Objects and Paired Items

pair-of-candles1Using Pairs is about Inviting Partnership and Creating Harmony. Look around your home for meaningful and beautiful objects that you can showcase in your bedroom. This can be a great room to showcase items that have a deep personal meaning or symbol attached to it. Consider a pair of candlesticks received as a wedding gift or a honeymoon souvenir. Pairs are wonderful in the bedroom. This is true whether you already have a partner or if you want to invite someone into your life. Symmetry is harmonious when two share a room, and illustrating this with paired objects supports your intention to keep the relationship balanced. Feng Shui is about creating a harmonious environment between yourself and your surroundings, as well as others. A healthy sense of equality and sharing goes a long way. If you are single and desire a partner, having pairs of objects, and symmetry in your bedroom creates an intention and invitation for someone new in your life. It is very much like having a welcome sign at your door.

A Healthy Sleeping Environment

Your body closes down it’s defenses at night. A bed cover is a common way to shield and protect the body from possible nighttime offenders and many of us do this instinctively. All aspects of our lives are compromised if we cannot achieve a restful night’s sleep, so avoid the following in your bedroom: Bright lights- particularly fluorescents and halogens as they affect you physiologically, TV’s, computers, desks and workstations. Remove also piles of laundry, and other unfinished projects. Your bedroom is for rest, so avoid anything that reminds you of your daytime to-do-list. Give yourself a break and tune out everything from the day.

EMF’s are electro-magnetic fields from the electronic appliances we use daily. Some of these appliances emit more EMF’s than others. You may want to avoid cell phones and alarm clocks in your bedroom especially within close proximity, and particularly at night while you sleep. There are products and devices you can purchase to help negate the effect of EMF’s. You can research these online.

 Most of all, your bedroom should feel like an exceptional place in your home. Take the time to get it just right and enjoy the process. Many times Feng Shui involves moving things around, trying it out, noticing how changes affect you and making adjustments. Taking the time to get it just right will brings rewards, and there’s no better way to learn the art of feng shui.