Online Feng Shui Services

While most Feng Shui is done onsight, there are several aspects of Feng Shui that work with maps, charts, and numbers. You’ll be prompted for simple information such as specific birthdate or a floorplan of your home.
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What Are Your Personal Directions?
Are you an East Life group or a West Life group?
Find Your Personal Element, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

Your Ming Gua is your personal vibrational element.Discover the energy patterns between yourself, your family members and your home. Find out the relationship between your Ming Gua, and the Ming Gua of your home, and learn how that essence plays a part in your relationships & surroundings. You will receive a description of your element sign, and relation to each family member and your home. A chart for each family member detailing which directions are best for studying, sleeping, work, relaxing, rest, and more is included. We will then use this chart to help position and arrange furniture in the most helpful way to support for your goals.
home Ming Gua with analysis for up to 2 adults ……..200
calculations with analysis……50 ea
implementing furniture re-arrangement based on Ming Gua
graphic layout plan……..100 per room

Energy Map of Your Home
Work with the 8 sectors of your home, Ba Gua & Ba Zhai

* Power, Wealth and Abundance,
* Fame, Future and Reputation,
* Love, Marriage & Relationships,
* Family, Health & Community,
* Well-Being & Balance,
* Creativity, Children, & Legacy,
* Kowledge, Wisdom & Harmony,
* Self, Career & Work,
* Compassion, Travel &
* Helpful People.

Does the sunny side of your home ever feel louder, more cheerful? Perhaps sillier or happier. How about the North side. Serious? Quiet, Restful? How can you make the most of the different energy dynamics coming into your home? Mapping the changing energies in and around your home or office with Feng Shui and reviewing these charts will help you make important decisions about how to utilize your space.

. chart of home with 8 sectors and portents analysis family health, knowledge, career, helpful people, children, marriage/relationships, rank, and wealth and receive recommendations for enhancements in each area
. recommended enhancements for each area of your entire home………250

Feng Shui and Curb Appeal
Selling a Home?
This service is recommended for realtors and sellers as a tool to get a property moving more quickly. Realtors, contact your listers about this service.
The first step to making an important move often starts with the sale of your current home or investment property. When you have a house on the market sometimes every month that goes by without an offer can feel like money slipping through your fingertips. Take a proactive and holistic, approach to selling your home with this service, Feng Shui for Real Estate. You’ve seen the shows on HGTV that promote everything from curb appeal to having a space clearing in order to sell your home sooner and more successfully. Many home sellers have found certain aspects of preparing a property beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. Ensuring important aspects of the state of your home are taken care of can not only promote a steady stream of potential buyers but can also keep a deal from falling through during the month of closing. Make sure there are no hidden surprises to be unearthed by your buyers by doing the necessary maintenance. Let your property outshine the others. Let it be noticed! How can this be done with Feng Shui? Wind Water can create great curb appeal ideas, and present these ideas to you in an image format. You’ll get a digital rendering of before and after ideas to draw attention to your home, and create a look that is appealing, enticing, and nurturing, so that your  home’s first impression will be a great one.
enhance curb appeal -graphic plan rendering………250