Feng Shui Philosophy

In our world, where do we fit in?

San Cai is the Feng Shui Philosophy of
Heaven, Earth and Humanity

San Cai explains how we as humans are a link between Heaven and Earth.
Heavenly energies are embodied here on earth in the Yang energies we perceive and can be understood more easily by us here in the West through the Western Archetypes of Father Heaven. Earthly Energies are embodied here on earth in the Yin energies we perceive and can be understood more easily in the west by the Western Archetype of Mother Earth.

 In Eastern Cultures, earthly energies have been honored since the beginning allowing a close connection with, and understanding of nature, the cycles of Yin and Yang, and the process of the five elements as the natural cycle of life. This is in fact the study and practice of Feng Shui at it’s essence.

See the chart below to explore which elements in your environment fit under which energies. Take the time to reflect on your specific surroundings, how they may affect you on a daily basis, and what, if any negative sources can be improved, or how you can better appreciate some of the more positive ones. Improving your environment with Feng Shui supports the connection we create as humans between heaven and earth. 


heaven-earth-humanityHeaven Chi (Tien Chai)
Cosmic Chi-
Moon and Stars
Time and Cycles of Change
Environmental Chi-
Heat and Cold
Wind, Seasons & Tides
Human Chi (Ren Chai)
Social Chi-
Social Contacts
Family and Relatives
Personal Chi-
Ideals and Visions
Vital Qi
Earth Chi (Ti Chai)
Topographic Chi-
Valley and Plains
Rivers and Water Courses
Magnetic Fields
Environmental Chi-
Other Dwellings
Man Made Objects
Form and Space
Color and Sound
Lighting & Furniture Layout