Feng Shui & Color

Red is effective for drawing attention to an area. It can act as a fire to draw people in, keeping them invigorated and warm. Red supports social gatherings and activity. Avoid incorporating too much red if you become nervous easily.

Orange brings in the fiery passion of red with the positive feelings of yellow. It represents communal aspects of life. Orange promotes harmony among colleagues, friends, and relatives. It also supports social gatherings and extroversion.

Yellow’s energy can be cheerful and bright. More earthy tones of yellow bring feelings of stability and steadiness. Yellow even supports concentration and intellectualism and decisiveness. Yellow takes a lot of energy to look at, so avoid it in an area where you need an energy boost.

Green symbolizes development and growth. It’s an ideal for a family area bedroom or outdoor sitting room. Wood energy motivates people to get out of a rut. As green is energizing, use a subtle form of this color in areas where you’d like to promote complete relaxation.

Blue is associated with introspection and peace. The water element helps people loosen up and speak their minds, so it’s ideal for promoting communication. Too much dark blue can promote depressive feelings, so evaluate the blue you choose and where you use it thoughtfully.

Purple embodies spirituality. Your life’s purpose is supported with this color- the color of your highest Chakra is violet, a derivative of purple. Since it’s not the most practical color, avoid purple in an office or kitchen, where you’re goals are to put your plans into action.

Pink If you’d like to feel a sense of loving ease, it’s a metal color that correlates with love and relationships. Since pink conveys softness and innocence, avoid it if you’d like to feel decisive, bold and independent.

Brown is grounding. The color has an effect that is most comforting and supportive. Brown is an earth color and helps an area feel grounded, relaxed and stable.

White is a color that inspires trust like white. If you want an area to feel crisp, clean and pure, white is great. Experiment and you may note that white can feel serious and sometimes dramatic.

Metallics Metal colors such as gold, bronze, copper, and silver inspire creativity. They create inspiration, so they’re great when you are engaged in creative endeavors.