Clutter Clearing II

Symbolism of Clutter- Location of Clutter

Understand Our attachment to the Clutter

Julie Morgenstern discusses the symbolism of the clutter itself… she proposes actually going through the types of clutter, objects and items you tend to have around you in order to gain clues about your life.

As you go through the clutter ask yourself: What are some old beliefs you’ve been holding onto? Do you believe that “Life is supposed to be difficult” Do you sometimes think, “My only value is through my work”? You might be surprised at what comes up. And once you make that realization, it’s the right time to get rid of that clutter- because it’s purpose has been discovered and you can move on, noting what you’ve learned.

If there happens to be a situation in which there are items you have to hold onto even though you prefer they weren’t around, you may want to examine that, and note that even though it’s not the right time to let it go, that time is coming, and being aware of wanting to let go of what those items represent will help you to arrive at that point sooner so that you can move on. Here’s an example; a woman felt this in regard to her husband’s goals. The husband had a lawn business but dreamed of opening a bike shop. The wife, who supports his goals, resented the truck and all the lawn equipment in the garage every time she saw it. This was because she instinctively knew that once her husband’s goals begin to unfold, the effect will be that they will be clearing out all the old equipment to make room for the new family business, and progress for everyone.

Which comes First, the Clutter or the Life Situation?

The answer is it could probably happen either way. Two examples are as follows: A man lives alone and doesn’t put too much effort into his home environment. He has too much stuff that he’s been piling up for years. At first he didn’t have a reason to keep tidy since no one ever visited, but now, it’s so bad that he’s embarrassed so he doesn’t invite people over. Maybe he’s looking for an excuse to shut people out, so he continues to collect more stuff and it piles up everywhere- particularly in his front entry way. He is embarrassed because he feels that if someone came inside and saw his home, they would be able to see into his personal life- how stuck he was- So he leaves his home through the garage, opening the door only to pull the car in and out of his home. He rarely sees his neighbors. He is like a snail in a shell!

A couple with 2 children lives in a 3 bedroom home together. When they were newly married, they intuitively bought a home with the master bedroom in the marriage and relationship sector of the home. They no longer use the master bedroom because they are both real estate agents who work from home and have paper records to store. So their once beautifully decorated bedroom has become a store room of file cabinets and other work related stuff. They are now sleeping in a different bedroom which is smaller and does not have the private bath that they once enjoyed. As a result they have less privacy, less room, and…less time alone together. The more the storage accumulates in their bedroom, the more they feel in all areas of life that as if they have to look over huge piles of boxes and files just to get a look into each other’s eyes!

Healthful Practices-Activating Abundance with Gratitude and Symbolism

Taking care of what you own is a way to practice gratitude. When we treat the items we are fortunate to have with care and respect, we feel appreciation and our habits rub off quickly onto those around us. Keeping our homes neat and orderly is one way to do this. Just as we want to know where our bed is every night, so we can fall comfortably and peacefully into it, the little things through your day can feel like mini luxuries when you constantly find them at your fingertips, just where they should be.

Create more harmony by being in harmony with the objects in your home. They’re always working with you- did you ever notice -they stay just where you put them! So take advantage of that fact, and keep them just where you want them.

The Importance of Working with Symbolism

The more space you clear, the more room you have for intentionally bringing things into your life that nurture your dreams and goals and inspire you. Working with imagery is a great way to do this, so use family photos, positive imagery, and artwork that instills positive feelings. Eventually, your aim is to have room for opportunities that you didn’t have room for before, like a hobby space, an instrument, or an organized kitchen so you have room to bake comfortably…

Empty Space as Potential

Some people struggle with the feeling of not having enough so they end up wanting a back up, a reserve or a surplus just in case. Sometimes these thought patterns are instilled in us by parents or grandparents who felt they never had enough. A healthy shift in our thinking can occur when we examine this theory from a scientific point of view.

The Less is More ideal finds its origin in science. A group of scientists and physicists including Stephen Hawking have been discussing this topic. “There appears to be energy of empty space that isn’t zero!” They say, “This flies in the face of all conventional wisdom in theoretical particle physics. It is the most profound shift in thinking, perhaps the most profound puzzle, in the latter half of the 20th century.”

Currently in science we are exploring the likelihood that external energy flows into our known universe from outside on a continual basis. This energy appears literally out of nowhere, from empty space – or, “the vacuum.” According to our current understanding of physics, every region of space is comprised of different kinds of fields composed of waves of varying lengths. Each wave always has at least some energy. When physicists calculate the minimum amount of energy a wave can possess, they find that every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all the matter in the known universe! Space is not empty. It is full, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. What this means is that empty space is potential.

This is good inspiration for creating that Zen space you’ve always wanted! We all desire for our lives to be positive and full. Maybe the above illustrates what many of us mean when we feel like screaming “I need some space”!

With some inspiration we can look at our clutter as potential for change. Take solace in that empty space, knowing that whenever we feel inspired, we can physically tackle the situation at hand and get things moving again in the right direction.