Client Testimonials


Custom Furniture Design and Decor

During the Summer and Fall of 2001, my wife and I had extensive dealing with Nancy Nashed with respect to the design and furnishing of a home. She at all times was professional and a diligent, and showed tremendous enthusiasm and drive while carrying out her job. . . At the time I was Senior Vice President of Vail Resorts Development Company and would have been happy to have her as one of our team. 

Jim Mandel, former Vice President, Vail Resorts  
My family and I had the pleasure of working with Nancy Nashed on an array of different projects. Her professional, yet natural demeanor made it easy to get the job done, hassle-free. She always made herself available at critical points of the project, when we needed her most. 

Feng Shui and Graphic Design

Nancy works continuously with my company, creating advertising materials, logos, art work for clothing and catalog work. She is tremendously creative and full of options and ideas. Nancy also works with my husband’s company as a feng shui consultant, as well as creating all of his art work and advertising materials. It has been one-stop shopping. 

We recently moved into a new house, so we promptly hired Nancy to create a space that would be creative and full of love. Nancy, feng shui extraordinaire, came to our home and helped us create an environment that exceeded our expectations. She took the time to personally walk us through, step by step, the changes we needed to make for optimum flow of good energy. It has been a beautiful experience to work with Nancy. I give Nancy my highest recommendation. 

Nancy, I couldn’t have asked for a better logo design than you made for my company. I am so pleased with your work and most of all, you. You are a joy to work with and have made everything go smoothly. I am recommending you to all of my friends and business associates. 

…..Your website is great and full of excellent information. You did an amazing job on my house and changed the energy completely. I feel that the changes you suggested and I implemented have done something almost magical to our household. Thanks for everything that you do. Keep up the good work. I am a believer in Feng Shui!!! 

Thanks for everything Nancy!!

Stacy Fiano, Founder of Peace Love Yoga  

Gorgeous!! I might even keep the back white – love the lotus! It’s just wonderful Nancy! Everything looks great Nancy. Thanks!

– Stacia Bevan, Natural Healing

Hi Nancy,

It was nice having you here and we have incorporated many of your ideas and made other changes to clean up our space and feel better. Love the bedroom now that the books are in the living room and my Ladro are in the bedroom where I can enjoy them.

Bookcase in LR has been rearranged and artificial plants removed from various places. Still much to do , but feel good with your suggestions. Had to go to Boston last week , home now , so will try to continue with projects. Will attend some of your offerings when I get back on my organized schedule.

-Thanks again, Judy & Joe

Faux Finishing

I met Nancy Nashed at Bikram Hot Yoga about a year ago. When I left class that day I noticed the business sign on her SUV stating she does Faux painting. I asked to her to come over to my home and give me an estimate on a couple of rooms. What started out as a two room job turned into the whole house. That’s how good she is. 

Nancy is very professional and very talented at what she does. Very quick. Very tidy. And very reasonable. 

She transformed my home. Her ideas on colors and furniture arrangement turned my house into a home …warm and inviting. 

To say I am pleased with Nancy would be an understatement. I still brag about her whenever I get a chance. 

I miss fixing her carrot and apple juice every afternoon. 

I would most definitely use her again and recommend her to anybody. 

– Rob Riley, Real Estate Agent 

Feng Shui Consultation
As an Acupuncture Physician I understand the Oriental philosophy of style and placement and color in the workplace and at home. I had attempted to follow the guideline in our clinic and could see and feel the benefits. I also knew there was so much more to it and I did not have the time to go back to school to study Feng Shui. When I found Nancy I was so excited I could barely wait for her to start changing our “stuff”. We had recently painted and redesigned the reception room and my consultation room. They looked pretty but I could feel something was missing. Nancy spent a good bit of time sitting in our reception room – “examining” the placement of the furniture, the traffic flow, and the sounds, fragrance of the tea brewing, the music, temperature, music and general ambiance of the room. Nancy presented a very detailed list of recommendations and the reasons for them. I have had other designers help me in the past and this was a first! Nancy made an appointment for “hands on time” with me and we spent hours moving and rearranging not only the chairs but little details such as moving the magazine holders a few inches this way or that way. As I received different diplomas or certificates – we’d hang them on the wall – they looked fine but when Nancy moved them around – my goodness, what a difference! 

Every inch of that room was lovingly touched and re-positioned by her. The next morning the staff and the first few patients asked me questions like – did we paint last night? Did we get new furniture; did I have a cleaning service in? Strange questions – all with very positive comments. Even the patients in wheelchairs made a comment that they felt like they were integrated in the room just not “put” somewhere – we had no idea anyone felt that way. For those comments alone – it was worth it. The rest of that week people would compliment us on the “new reception room! It was all positive, exciting and amazing.
I could not wait for Nancy to come back and “treat” my consultation room. It was new, pretty and functional but I didn’t care to be in there long. I did my initial interview with a new patient and we left the room. After Nancy got through with it – WOW. I had a very large painting of a Chinese street scene with people milling about. No one ever commented on it and I really forgot it was even there. Nancy suggested I paint the wall red-. RED, in a doctor’s office – oh my!!!!!?????? We did it and the difference is incredible. The painting comes alive – the room is warm and inviting. I actually like to spend time in there chatting with patients. People walk by the room and look in, especially the children.

Nancy went above and beyond any of my expectations – and I had a good bit of knowledge on Feng Shui. She was delightful to work with – Nancy puts her heart and soul into her work. I would recommend her for any place of business and home. I would especially recommend her work if your business is slow or your home life is lacking in harmony and peace. Feng Shui is thousands of years old and it would last this long – only if it worked!!! Nancy – thank you a million times!!!!! 

-Dr. Debra Gaffney, A.P. Acupuncturist

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nancy Nashed for several years and working with her on many, many projects around my house and office. She is super professional, extremely knowledgeable, creative, talented and artistic. Her work is always “above and beyond” your expectations. But the best thing about Nancy is her sweet and gentle spirit. She is intelligent, caring, compassionate, and kind. We need more people like her !!! I would recommend her to anyone!
-Dolores Holleman, Owner and operator of Hair Free by Dolores
You are absolutely amazing…… It looks wonderful

– Astrologer and Speaker, Kelly Lowe
OMG! You are amazing!

-Krista Ghaffarian

Thank you for the list your ideas are magical. I now see light and I will be able to achieve this on my budget. I really like the idea of the glass doors with hinges for my side shelves.

Thank you much.

– Jean Caron, Acupuncture Physician

ArtHaus has been working with Nancy for about 2 years now and she is an absolute blessing to us! With only 2 part-time employees, neither being tech-savvy, creating any kind of graphic is nearly impossible. We were in need of someone who could create small ads that were bright, bold and eye-catching….along came Nancy! I am so impressed with how quickly and creatively she creates the graphics, balancing our needs with her artistic eye! Absolutely everything she has created has been beautiful! She has never taken more than 24 hrs to create our ads and responds to our requests with enthusiasm and patience. I could not recommend an easier or more enjoyable graphic designer to work with. We really couldn’t do with out her now, we’re hooked on Wind Water Arts!

– Catie Tappan, Office/Gallery Manager, ArtHaus Foundation

Nancy is creative AND easy to work with. She accepts critique and change requests with class and patience which is a difficult quality to find in a graphic designer. Her work is multi-dimensional and cross platform with style and grace. Nancy has a deep understanding of client needs and she performs her work with outstanding punctuality . We use Nancy for all of our major design work and will continue to do so as long as she is available.” On Time , High Integrity , Creative.

-Scott Pooler, All Business Auctions

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